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Canterbury Television (CTV)

The Christchurch Cathedral

Cathedral Square East

Christchurch Cathedral North

Cathedral Square South

Christchurch Cathedral West

The Christchurch Town Hall

Colombo and Armagh Intersection

The Colombo and Hereford Intersection

Colombo and Gloucester Iintersection

Floral Clock

High and Tuam Intersection

Kilmour, Victoria and Durham Intersection

Latimer Square

Manchester and Cashel Intersection

Manchester and Hereford Intersection

Worcester and Manchester Intersection

Oxford and Gloucester Intersection

The Triangle Centre

Audio by Aaron Keown. Contact the author


The Christchurch Square

The audio files here describe the Red Zone in with some very interesting points. In addition there are some very helpful comments on the buildings.  As well as those there is also some interesting comments on the history of the images.

In this case over time the audio files will always be available.  Hence they can be heard by anyone who wants to listen to them at any time in the future.

If you have anything that is very special to contribute then please send it in.  Thus it is likely to be a valuable addition.

I am welcome to to hear any ideas about what could be added to the site.  So feel free to contact me at any time with some great thoughts.

This is a work in progress and it will never be finished.  However it will be quite a journey watching it come together.